Google Penguin Update Helps SEO for Some, Hurts Others

By September 30, 2014Internet Marketing Strategy

Another Algorithm Update


Google released its Penguin update recently targeting those using what it considers spam or black hat techniques to manipulate the search engines to get website rankings. Google looks to serve up relevant results to their search clients and thus far has proved to be the best and most dominant player in this regard. However, they know that in order to keep users coming back they need to make sure that they weed out those that don’t produce quality and thus relevant results.


Targeting Tactics


Tactics that are being weeded out are black-hat linking schemes, keyword-stuffing on web content and intentionally listing duplicate content throughout a website. Based on what we have seen over the last several weeks the “over-optimization” update or “web spam algorithm update” as it’s being called, appears to have penalized those who use these tactics and actually enhanced the rankings of those who use white-hat or best practices. Supposedly this update was to affect around 3% of search results, but anecdotally it seems to be far more than that.


Best Practices


Google averages two minor changes to its algorithm per day and several major changes per year in order to keep refining search results and to fight these spamming methods. At JCD we are known for keeping up with these changes and producing high quality SEO work both on and off-site. We are proud to see our customers have actually seen an improvement in rankings as a result of the recent update.  Call us today at 720-255-1612 to see how we can help you with your Internet marketing and social media marketing strategy.